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Welcome to my art blog ♥

I post sketches, WIPS and finished works on here, I hope you enjoy my artwork! Thank you for passing by ♥

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sucrechat asked: Your art is absolutely gorgeous! How long have you been drawing, may I ask?

GYAH! yet again replies late to asks.

Thank youuu!! and I’ve been drawing ever since I was little actually kdadjdj

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happy-time-blog asked: YOUR ART!!! IS CUETE


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Since I did Hillwen not long ago I decided to give Shyllien a try~ :3c

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I always loved Hillwen Mines + q +) So I made a chara based off of it. He’s more of an NPC than a Boss that you fight??— IDK still need to give this dude some thinking.

(LMAO my mom was bugging me so I wrote my watermark all sloppy and forgot to add the .com …go me!)

Awk moment when I legit forget to post/repost stuff on my actual art blog

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Pappy gave me this girl and she’s the cutest thing everrr! q//q) ♥ ♥ ♥


More gaybabies q///q) ♥

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Tiny chibi of a girly I got a while back! WindflowerMayhem was such a sweety n gifted me her q///q)!

(Wao Tumblr, Way to stretch the file, doesn’t look tiny anymore lmao)

I think this is the last thing I need to post //SCRATCH HEAD

This is Toto the nudibrat, he’s a lil shit Shippo-size.

nudibrats © Noel 

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toastytoastie asked: *heavy breathing* What is your FlightRising~? XD

Hanaface :3

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My Halici, he’s changed a bit from the laaaast time I drew him kasdjjh

Halicis © dissectr