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Welcome to my art blog ♥

I post sketches, WIPS and finished works on here, I hope you enjoy my artwork! Thank you for passing by ♥

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Since my oc Russó and Koujaku have the same nose scar I JUST HAD TO DRAW HIM COSPLAYING! And Iwik as his AllMate~ ♥

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My twitter Icon >8))))) Fursona as NOIZZZZ  ♥

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cinnamonfart asked: I just want you to know I find your art super inspirational and pretty ;u;

Thank you so much! ; v ; ♥ ♥

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akasxna asked: (\ o v o /) I've been following you for a while now and your art just keeps getting better and better and I can see improvement from when I first started following you and I just wanted you to know that. I hope you have a lovely day!

ASdkdjjhhhh thank you so muchh!! ; w ;) ♥ ♥  Im super glad to know I’ve been improving kyahh////////// o<-<

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hikarushirou asked: /smashes the follow button/ Your art is 5evr wonderful. ; o; I want to fave it all~

Thank you so muchh!! ; w ; ♥ 

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Female machamp gijinka for funs~


YET ANOTHER ONE FALLS DOWN THE DMMD HOLE I regret nth I love all dem babies! q _ q//// ♥ ♥ ♥

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harajukucheese asked: I want to be you so much! Your art is just wow!! 😍😍 I have a wacom create tablet but I haven't really used it..! Do you mind giving me some tips on what programs to use or coloring techniques? Anything, really, would be helpful!

akdjajd naw you don’t want to be me lmao kadjj

I have no tips though.. but SAI is a rather easy program to use :3 You can look up digital speedpaints on youtube as well~ 

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O I forgot to post this one kadjjh

Bit of a revamp of my old oc, Seaweed :3

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U w U) ♥