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Pretty much my ‘sona-evolution at the course of the years |D

1st and 2nd resembled me quite a lot irl, mostly on the hairstyle. Then i got bored and revamped her again to the 3rd. I really liked her and never thought on revamping her again but A LOT of people at pchat had similar to almost exact hairstyle including the curl and I somewat got annoyed at that and ended up changing her for a last time. The 4th had unimportant tweaks not too long ago, like desaturated her colors a bit making them lighter instead of darkish red with neonish green ears..I like that she looks more pink now heheheheheheh also long hair~ you can do so many stuff with long haiiiirrrrrr

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    LOLL ANN! and this is why I said butt loads of ppl had the same hairstyle AKASDJsdajjdadhhhh I love how your sona...
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